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PKMNOCC: Fluffy Ears by X-Queenie-X PKMNOCC: Fluffy Ears by X-Queenie-X
Screee, finally have this finished  ; w ;

You would not believe how many attempts I've made to get a pose that I'd like for this; probably nine or ten times before I finally got to this pose. I wanted something energetic/dynamic, and this was enough to satisfy me  |3

Anywho, just updating my little Lopunny once more, even made some changes with his design: New pants, hair has grown out a bit, and the red dye in his bangs are starting to fade. Other than that, revised his information to make sure that it was updated to fit his current character.

Name: Gregory "Gregg" B. Minsky

Age: 19 Yrs. Old

B-Day: March 18th

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Slutbunny Lopunny

Nature: Hasty

Initial Phrase: "Hee-hee"


Gregg is very energetic, usually having lots of energy and eagerness; he's seen outside more so rather than inside whenever he gets the chance. The Lopunny likes to socialize with anyone he meets and attempts on befriending them, or at the very least make some conversation with them. He likes to help others overcome challenges within their life with support and encouragement even if he doesn't know them well. Being open-minded he's willing to try new things, although can become hesitant if something imposes as intimidating. The same goes for meeting new individuals, for he likes to remain unbiased for who they really are or how they act on the surface. Because of his hasty nature Gregg is known to rush if there's something he isn't particularly fond of; the same goes for when he's stressed or just plain excited. The Lopunny isn't very strong willed or defiant, easily giving in during some situations if he feels that they're too hard and taxing. This leads him to let others guide him around, although can become independent if given a good nudge and when the time calls for it. Can be persuaded by his peers if a good enough reason is given, sometimes using this as an excuse in hopes to gain acceptance. He's known to be quite affectionate towards others and isn't afraid of expressing his feelings, normally hugging and showing other signs of affection whether the receiving end wants him to or not. The Lopunny can be somewhat clingy and overwhelming towards someone that he cares about, sometimes holding them back due to strong feelings and the fear of loosing them. He can act selfish albeit this is something he normally doesn't recognize about himself; becoming jealous if he looses wanted attention and being determine for what he desires. Gregg's also known to be quite loyal to those that he trusts, and will do just about anything for his friends if needed.

Likes: Photography, Soccer, Exploring/Traveling, Men, Vanilla Ice Cream, Boxing, Being Around Others

Hates: Being Ignored, Nightmares, His Fluff Getting Dirty, Abandonment, Criticism, Sour Foods

Items: Digital Camera

Bio: Being raised in an upper-middle class family as an only child, his mother was a stay at home wife for most of the time when he was young whilst his father worked as an architect for a few well known companies. Gregg mostly lived a content life and can't really complain on how he grew up.

As a little Buneary Gregg was often spoiled and gained a lot of attention by his mother and a few others due to the fact that he had no siblings to compete with and using his "cute charm". Often enough he had aunts that would come over to help out his mother with errands while his father was working and to overall spend time with them. He enjoyed the time where he could play with his friends and cousins, some of the activities were consider to be "feminine" such as pretending to dress up and playing house, while other games that they played seemed normal. His father didn't really like the idea of his son acting effeminate, but his mom would try to convince his dad that their son was just being naturally curious and going through a phase that he would eventually grow out of.

Growing up Gregg was known to having more female friends opposed to males due to how the girls were more accepting towards the way he acted. Some of the kids at school teased him because of this and attempted to embarrass him because of it. Generally the Buneary paid little to no mind to the heckling thanks to his mom reminding him that he shouldn't care as to whom he befriends and that it doesn't matter as to how he behaves. Gregg had a very close relationship with his mom and aunts, however due to his father's busy work schedule the bond between them wasn't as strong. Normally if his dad had the time off he would try to spend it with his family, but at times the stress and the lack of energy caused by his occupation would end up taking that time away.

Before Gregg would go into middle school his parents decided that it would be best if they were to send their son off to a boarding school to overall give him a better education and wider experience. Even though it was never addressed, his father secretly hoped that his son would acquire more male influences and shape him up from their instead of spending most of his time around ladies and learning behavior from them. The boarding school was quite regular; having mandatory school uniforms and gender separated campuses along with the students living there during the school year. Students were sent back home during holidays and other special occasions to spend that time with their family.

Shortly after his first week attending boarding school Gregg evolved into a Lopunny. Even though he was quite excited to finally evolved, he couldn't help but to feel a little awkward from it. Most of the Lopunnys that he saw portrayed in the media normally were females and acted in feminine ways. It didn't help much either that there was limited communication with him and his parents, feeling as if he didn't have the time that he needed to talk this problem over with them and see what they would advise him to do.

Shortly after getting comfortable with switching schools it was quick to realize that the roommate Gregg shared the dorm with did not get along with him. They would easily clash with each other and started arguments, most of them sparked by the fact that Gregg was a male Lopunny and his somewhat effeminate behavior. Wanting to get away from his roommate's heckling and from others that would sometimes join in on it, Gregg decided to sign up for the boy's soccer team to blow off steam and to hopefully escape all of the teasing. To his surprise he was a fairly good soccer player once he learned the ropes of the sport and his team mates normally treated him with respect that his roommate otherwise didn't show, making it easier for the Lopunny to get through the day.

After some years passed by Gregg soon grew tired of being "cooped up" in boarding school. During the winter holiday back at home he decided to drop out and move out of the house to finally become independent, among a few other personal factors that helped him make the choice. When he told his parents of his plan his mother was quite reluctant about it and feared that her son was being too hasty about wanting to live on his own. His father, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind too much when addressed about it, thinking that if Gregg were to spend time away from his female friends it would help lead him down the path of becoming a more "normal" guy. At the last couple of days before he would leave back to boarding school, Gregg had packed up all of his belonging that he would bring along, not waiting on his mom's approval since he already had his dad's. On the last day of holiday vacation the Lopunny moved out from his parents' house and soon joined Aloe Town to start a new chapter in his life.


:iconfightingtypeplz:Power-Up Punch - A hard punch is thrown at the target. Gregg's attack goes up by one stage each time this move lands.

:iconnormaltypeplz:Dizzy Punch - The Lopunny winds up his arm and delivers corkscrew-esque punches at the target in a rhythmic manner. There's a slight chance of the target becoming confused.

:iconnormaltypeplz:Endure - Bracing himself, the Lopunny is able to endure any attacks that would otherwise make him faint. If used consecutively then the chances of him undergoing an attack will decrease.

:iconnormaltypeplz:Charm - Gregg acts in an endearing manner towards the target to make them less wary. This reduces the target's attack by two stages.


Cute Charm - Any rough contact with Gregg may make the target become infatuated or distracted by his appearance.


:bulletred: Is an amateur photographer

:bulletblack: Is in a committed relationship with Lance

:bulletred: Known to cross-dresses in women's clothing, but only when he's at home. Commonly wears a maid uniform when cleaning the house

:bulletblack: Every once in a while receives nightmares; the intensity of these vary greatly

:bulletred: Because of some past experience, he's now become wary of ghosts and some psychic-types

:bulletblack: Has taken up boxing classes in hopes to improve his self-defense and to prove his masculinity

Lopunny (c) Nintendo/Gamefreak

Gregg (c) :iconx-queenie-x:
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Quoix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Baw darn it, I was planning on re-joining the group cause I wanted to make a male lopunny and I remembered that you had one too, so I thought it would be cool if they ended up brothers, but I read that he is an only child, curses <|D
X-Queenie-X Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Yeah, Gregg's an only child, sorry <|3
Although they could be cousins since Gregg's mom is a twin, and he has a few aunts that would visit every so often. Heheh, if you're up for that idea then we could talk a bit in notes to get a couple of things situated.
Quoix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Cousins can work :3 I know there are some close cousins out there <|D
X-Queenie-X Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
I'm quite close to my cousins myself |D
I guess if you have any questions regarding Gregg's family you can go ahead and ask. I've been meaning to do some sketches/ planning with them lately anyhow~
Quoix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
same here XD heck, I once lived with my two cousins for some years then they came to live with us for the summer long ago XD

cool! c: you write nice history, so I think I got what I need to know :D though I'll let you know if there's something I don't see c:
X-Queenie-X Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Usually on Sundays with my family we go over to my grandparents' house and have a little family get-together to basically have dinner and chat/relax. I have a lot of cousins and most of the time I get to see some of them during then. Heheh, must've been quite a time between you and your cousins to flip-flop like that XD

Alright then. Just hit me up with a quick note if any questions arise.
Quoix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Ah XD nice, we use to do that, but now since we're all older, we basically do our own thing, but still pretty close XD

okay c: I think I got a nice idea for my little Lopunny now~ thanks for letting him join the family <|D
CaptainCanada99 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Past experiences making him wary of ghosts? I'm gonna guess Ionis had something to do with this. Also, care to RP?
X-Queenie-X Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
Not really, Gregg doesn't see Ionis much as a threat; past experiences of being possessed and receiving nightmares are the major factors for it. But because of this newfound caution, it would be interesting to see how he would treat Ionis now.
Sure, I wouldn't mind a bit of a RP with them. Comments or notes? Also, would you like to start it, or would you want me to make the first post?
CaptainCanada99 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm, intresting...

i'll start, comments please.

It was a warm sunny morning in Aloe town, the slight wind from the coast carried along the sound of music as it swept past the particular house of a certain eccentric Iogheist.
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